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Have you ever felt just exhausted? Exhausted of trying to be happy, exhausted of life...

just sucks...Im tired of life being so hard.

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Feel Exhausted?

Yes. Tired of trying to be happy - Yes. The fact is, there are those who seem favored in this life, and those who are overwhelmed by the burdens of others.

I noticed your entry while naming animals on farmville ... Armetis came to me in thought ... so I searched the name. The name prior to that was Galahad ... Amazing that such amazing dieties would send thought to me, to be a part of the friendship farm ... so there are those who care.

Our worlds were formed in days of old ... and though I wold have loved a life of my own ... I'm blacksheep to my family. Prayed as much as I could to be adopted into a family that actually cares rather than to glory over miseries ... but I suppose God manages aspects of our life best He can given the current situations ... presence of evil/wickedness/vindictiveness/and infirmities ... I juts hope at the end of this lifetime, my God of unknown will bring me into some eternal rest, cause not as physically tired as I am spiritually tired ...

Re: Feel Exhausted?

that was very insightful. thank you

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