I think my husbands sleeping with a 21yr old...

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one thing I love about this site is that I am not friends with anyone who directly knows me...this makes me feel more comfortable and willing to say whats on my mind completely...for example the only person I have everrrr had sex with is my husband. I love him no question...but im not going to lie I wish I could get him to be more creative when it came to sex...I want the toe curling omg I cant beleive what we just did kind of thing...not vanilla sex every time adventurous I know it..I want to some day make love to another woman while my husband watched and then even let him join in...I want to have roles reversed and have sex with another man and my husband...let them have their ways with me..I dont have erotic dreamz of woman..I just want to be able to someday say I did that lol....guess this girl may just be really horney!



my husband bought me a samsung note 2 the other can imagine how stoked I was to realize I could post on here with it...I have missed people on here...well one in particular and I am sure he knows who he is!


life ...
I really just feel overwhelmed right now...

The husbands surgery was supposed to stop his pain. .. It's all Fkin there!

All I wanna do is gonna keep it to myself.1

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ugh...spent 90% of the day in the er....hope they fix me!

I hate it when ur lying in bed naked by yourself....

2013...Hoping for new things!!
A lot is changing for me this year...Starting out on a new shift! I officially start on first shift tomorrow and will also be working with a physical therapist instead of being a nurse's aide. I am pretty stoked about it, not to mention that I will be home at night with my daughter and that alone makes me happy...

The husband had surgery the day before thanksgiving...he's feeling a bit better. A lot of the pain that he had all day every day is gone however he seems to have changed...I really don't know how to explain it but I feel like I have to walk around the house with my fists up, always ready to protect myself because he's always so angry at the world...I just don't get it and wish I could fix it. I know my best friend, the man I married is in there somewhere...I just need him to come back to me sooner than later.

The school is determined that my daughter belongs in a special education class...saying she can't count higher than 10 or say her abc's without singing...Bullshit! I keep trying to explain to the teacher that she is extremely shy and doesn't like to be put on the spot and when she is she will clam up....but there responce is Lets slap a handicap label on her at four years old!! WTF?!
I was so upset the teacher sent home a letter saying that Mariah failed an assignment..All I could think is "SHE'S FOUR....WHAT CAN A FOUR YEAR OLD FAIL?!?!" Apparently they gave the kids seven verbal directions and then asked them to follow the directions with no help...SEVEN DIRECTIONS...Verbally! Yeah so how many four year olds can do that?! Apparently out of the seven directions my daughter was able to remember would think that would help her pass? Nope...They failed her on that assignment...I really don't get it..fml...

Alright well I am sleepy as hell and need to go check my laundry...

**Here's to a Bullshit free 2013!!!**

The hubby got me a samsung for christmas. Much better than my old phone...i meam i can post here with it even!
He had surgery the day before thanksgiving. I just want him to b more healthy! im fallin asleep.
Txt more soon...falling asleep

I so wish I could loose more weight. I am broke right now and have too many bills so I can't buy more herbalife. The stuff is GREAT! I can't wait to be able to go back to drinking my shakes and getting skinny!

Was told by my boss that I have my yearly evaluation on thursday. I don't know if I should be nervous. I asked my boss and she said it won't be "that bad". All I could think is when people get a tooth pulled, others describe it as not "that bad".

Im fat. tired and ready to MAKE money...

hmmm maybe i should become a prostitute? HA! Thats a good joke!

Im sitting on my daughters floor because she's been having a lot of bad dreams since I was in the hospital. She wakes up thinking Im gone. As in dead. She's only four...I wonder what was placed in her head while I was gone sometimes...

Just found out tonight that a good friend of mines now x husband shot himself in the head today. I feel terrible for the family, but as he was abusive to my friend...the female part of me says "another woman beater down..yaaa buddy!"
But it made for a shocker of the day.

I was reading on live journal about a friend that is going through issues with his spouse being depressed. I am sending him and his wife positive thoughts that she gets better fast. I have talked to him a lot on here and he's amazing. A great dad, hard worker and would do anything for his wife. So for her sake, I hope she wakes up before he leaves her because shes missing out than on quite a catch!

I sell Herbalife now. I have lost quite a bit of weight from it. I am hoping to get myself down to a size 10 by next year. I have completely stopped drinking pop. So Im hoping that it will be an easy task to complete.

My husband still hasn't had his exploritory surgery...The state of wisconsin is dragging its feet on approving it. Driving me crazy!!

Well its late..I will try and get on here more often like I used to.

Much loves.


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